Drones! Your Eye In The Sky!

Our development department was able to perfectly optimise this VTOL multicopter flying drones to achieve extremely steady flight characteristics.

The proprietary camera mount with automatic camera balancing also contributes to the quality of aerial images and footage. Special designed snap-on motor arms for maximum mobility are providing fast installation and easy transportation capibilities. These drones equipped with the appropriate sensor and camera technology are superbly suited for rapidly and economically collecting survey data.  Our photographic and video systems are providing a ground resolution of a few cm and deliver a quality markedly above that of customary (manned) overflights or satellite images. Selfspeaking our multicoper UAVs automatically follow a GPS controlled flight path planned in advance

This includes everything from

  • traffic accident investigation
  • Inspections of buildings, bridges, pipelines and industrial installations
  • forensics
  • search and rescue
  • tactical operations
  • border control
  • emergency and disaster response
  • crowd control
  • HAZMAT/CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) management
  • fire investigation and damage assessment
  • fire management.
  • Etc.

We also offer a pilot service for special projects, available to all customers. If your project is too complex or unsafe for your taste, our experienced pilots will fly the job on your behalf. This allows you to accept even special jobs very soon after making your purchase, and your customer receives everything from you! We will also support you in major contracts!