Filtration Systems

For GMHS, quality means much more than long lasting products and failure free operation: "Total cost of ownership" (TCO) is an important factor in development processes. The strength of our system lies in it's patented filtration systems which uses no additional filter aids. This considerably reduces waste and is not only economic and cost saving, but also becoming more and more important for the environment. Our customers in the Oil & Gas Industry want not only high quality equipment "Made in Germany", but also products that fullfil international regulations and certifications.

Filtration of liquids in refineries

  • Fully automatic and continuous filtration process
  • Fully automatic backflush for the regeneration of the filter elements
  • The technology lead in the filtration sector: gas-supported backflushing system with new high-performance filter cartridges for microfiltration (< 3 μm)
  • Modular construction provides flexibility in respect to future system requirements
  • Our filter elements provide a maximum on active filter area to optimize the flow rate and surface load (Flux Rate)
  • The exclusive use of premium components and materials guarantees the long-time functional capability and reliability


FAUDI heat transfer oil filtration:

  • Improvement of the thermal conductivity coefficient
  • Prolongation of the operating period of pumps and heat exchange
  • Lowering of the maintenance costs
  • Raise of the system availability