The Sentinel

Monitor, control and protect the security of your facility or landing zone in "real-time". Flexible, everywhere you are due to an independent and long durable energy supply.
There’s never been more focus on the need to protect your buildings, assets, and employees than right now. Concerns over the rising number of thefts, vandalism or sabotages continually challenge security managers to find the best way to secure their buildings and assets.
In a dynamic world where personnel and requirements can change quickly, having real-time control provides better security.
Essential and extreamly useful during special military reconnaissance, direct action, counter-terrorism or combat missions to secure fast and easy camps in unkown terrain at night or to protect the perimeter of tactical or temporary landing zones. Quick installation and easy handling

Fields of application beside military:



  • VIP aircraft and vehicle protection
  • Perimeterprotection for embassies
  • protection of mobile ammunition depots
  • construction site surveillance
  • observation of construction site machines
  • Freight forwarding business
  • protection of material stocks perimises
  • etc.



Real time surveillance & low false Alarm

Nomad combines laser scanners, PTZ-video cameras, mobile transmission technology and its essential powersupply in order to protect a predifined virtual security corridor. In case of violation by an unautohrized intruder, the specific object  will be identified by the lasersystem and Nomad's integrated videosystem starts tracking. The transmission of the alarm and videoimage to the control center is managed by a secure mobile connection in real time. This supports the security staff to get a full idea about the real time situation and to initiate an apropriate reaction.