GMHS - Ltd.     Security Alliance


"The Secret of Change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

The main objective of GMHS-Ltd is the protection of human life and values against any kind of threats or dangers.
From our perspective this aim can only be achieved by using the most innovative, highest sophisticated, approved and certified products to reach the highest possible quality-standard and reliability.

GMHS-LTD is since 2004 a Germany based provider for heigh security products, solutions and services meeting the highest industry standards, for customers with demanding requirements and ultimate security needs like airports, petrochemical industry, nuclear power plants, financial institutions, telecommunications industry, military and government institutions, palaces, parliaments, ministries and embassies.

An all encompassing and  comprehensive security system is the essential base for the maximum level of security  .

All our systems are certified and meet or exceed international standards, like the US department of State DOS or the GSA level, ECBs, Tier I-IV etc. or based and tested on individual customer requirements that exceed the industry or military standards.

The product range contains the physical protection against accidents and terrorist attacks (brute force, bullets, explosives, chemical, biological and nuclear hazards) up to EMP and eavesdropping protection of conference rooms and electronic installations, data centers and infrastructure.
"Made in Germany"