Physical Building Security


We all live and work in buildings and feel supposedly safe.

Within seconds a bomb attack can wipe out countless human lives destroy buildings and causes substantial economic damage! Today more than ever personal safety is the focus of both public and private construction work. Only an indestructible outer protective shell, will stand like a bulwark between mankind and the threat, will save lives and protect values.

Windows and Fascades

We manufacture very large glazed windows in the highest
resistant classes through our patented techniques and
Despite high security, the window’s appearance is that of
an ordinary window with the security elements hidden
inside the profiles.

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Doors and Gates

Our High-Security door’s appearance is that of an ordinary door with the
security elements hidden inside the profiles. Our special
glass construction offers a high level of safety combined
with flexibility of design easily adaptable for the client and

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Access Control

Controlling access to high security buildings or building areas require special security measures

We offer various designs and constructions:

  • Rotating doors
  • Controlled access using separate single or double doors
  • Special application for banks
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